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About Me (Who is this guy?)

Purely by accident I found myself starting to play guitar at age 12 (my parents asked if I wanted to take lessons and I reluctantly agreed). However by chance, this would be the start of a life long love affair with the instrument, music, and eventually the stage. 

I quickly took to the guitar and before long was practicing hours a day without even realizing it. I loved the tangible results of practicing and acheiving new things. It was also a great cure (or blinder) to my perceived lack of social skills. 

I continued to practice and before long I was doing what all young guitarists were doing - obsessing over pictures in guitar magazines, dreaming of being a rockstar and eventually starting a band. 

I will never forget my first time performing at a local teen center (the hotspot for teenage band shows at the time). Performing 5 songs we had vigorously prepared to our peers, it was like time stood still, and the eruption of applause spiked adrenaline in ways I had no idea were possible! That was it - I was hooked. 

I followed music to St. FX University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia where I graduated from the Music Department with Honours. I decided I wanted to share my knowledge, so I began teaching private one-on-one lessons which became another passion of mine that continues to this day! I developed a method of learning called Practical Theory, which teaches music theory to guitarists in a way that applies it as you learn it. I'm happy to say that I also now teach a Music Guitar Course at St. FX and have been for several years. (Talk about full circle!)

My playing career has always been front and center. During my years in University I played in a band that recorded an album and opened for many large acts. After that I founded a band called RoundHouse and we recorded an album, getting radio play and opening for The Trews. Since then I have kept busy as an in-demand sideman/guitarist for both recording and live performance in many genres (Including Breagh Isabel, Dan Mason, Eddie Cummings, Brian England, Elyse Aeryn, Mad Chatter and more...), Wedding Performer, Musical Theater Orchestra Member,  Open Mic Host, and have maintained a consistent Solo Acoustic career, performing originals and covers all across the country. 

If you're looking to learn. looking for consultation on an event, looking for entertainment, or looking for a guitarist to perform/record/tour - I am the Professional that can help you out. Reach out over on the Contact Page. A conversation costs nothing :) 


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